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The emotional health of everyone in the family contributes to the well-being of the whole system.

Whether in person or online, I’m dedicated to creating a supportive therapeutic partnership with you to help you heal, grow, and create lasting positive change in your life and relationships.

MY JOB as the counselor is to earn your trust so that together we can create a positive connection and a safe space for your sharing, self-exploration, and healing. I make trained, objective observations of you, ask you challenging questions, and lead you through thought-provoking exercises that enable you to find the best answers for the questions in your life. You are the ultimate expert about your own life, even when the way ahead may not be clear. I’m here to help you clear out old trauma, clarify your goals and live your best life!


Adolescence and young adulthood are important transitions and may require support, for both kids and parents.

YOUR JOB is to trust me and the therapeutic process by sharing openly with me about your life and the challenges you’re facing, knowing anything you discuss is confidential and that you will always have a compassionate experienced listener. During our sessions, we will talk a lot, but may also do things like creative visualization, rehearsing difficult conversations, or therapeutic art or storytelling. Between sessions, I may ask you to spend a bit of time on simple exercises, journaling, or just reflection. The more engaged you are in the whole process, the better your outcome!

I’m eager to help you on your healing journey!
Call today and let me be your partner for change!

Sarah Stoune, MEd
Licensed Professional Counselor
TX #68262